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e/PWS Features 


Project Management: Project managers have the ability to manage the complete life cycle of a project.

 Catalogs: The industry’s most popular brands providing the user with an extensive set of hardware, hollow metal, and wood door choices.  Based on your feedback, additional brands will be added to the catalog system, so you will have the most comprehensive industry data set at your fingertips at all times.

 Estimating: The Estimating Module allows the user to develop bids through an efficient process involving the creation of a bulk Takeoff of Frame, Door and Hardware election, automatic pricing features and Bid Worksheet functions to quickly create a proposal. 

 Engineering: The Engineering Module enables users to build upon the information produced in the estimating module by adding all appropriate details and produce submittals, purchase material, and track job status.

 Drawings: A powerful 2D drawing package with customization features supplements PWS’ capabilities to ensure important drawing details are captured and communicated, regardless of the stage of the project.

 Order Management: Project managers have the flexibility to create a series of releases based on area, hardware type, exterior frames, doors, or whatever makes the most sense for the project requirements.  You can then order material from external suppliers or your internal shop based on the release schedule.  PWS allows you to track orders by indicating the status (ordered, shipped, received) and the key dates. 

 Accounting: PWS is not an accounting package, but can be seamlessly integrated into common industry packages to eliminate duplicate entry.

 Distributor Data: Distributors can create and manage data that is specific to their needs.  For example, users can add contacts, architects, customer accounts, and manufacturers that can be used throughout the software.  If integrated with an accounting package, this information can be read from the accounting system.

 Installation and Support: Our support team can understand your issues with the program without needing long explanations.