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Overview Provides all features of Estimating, plus

  • Ability to detail doors, profiles, and elevations

  • Ability to automatically roll a won Bid over into the Job Module.

  • Ability to create a new job by copying existing jobs

  • Ability to increase the specification details from the Bid takeoff, including increased Opening, Door, Frame, Hardware Set and Wall information. 

  • Ability to add extensive notes and comments for customizing Submittals.

  • Ability to add opening Key Functions, by Hardware Set and Area, with custom comments.

  • Automatic generation of extensive Engineered Takeoff Reports, Drawings and Catalog Cuts in order to create complete, professional Submittal documentation.


  • Ability to import CAD or other drawing files in .JPEG format.

  • Ability to assign frame profiles from a library to elevation drawings or to import custom frame profiles and assign to elevation drawings.  Ability to edit and customize frame profiles.

  • Automatic screen resolution sizing to incorporate drawings of any size.

  • Drawing Print Quality of 600dpi


  • Ability to add distributor's company logo for printing on reports

  • Over 50 reports provided standard with reports added each release.

  • Ability to create up to 6 custom cover sheets.

Order Management:


  • Project managers have the flexibility to create a series of releases based on area, hardware type, exterior frames, doors, or whatever makes the most sense for the project requirements. 

  • Purchase Orders: You can then order material from external suppliers or your internal shop based on the release schedule. 

  • Tracking Status: PWS allows you to track orders by indicating the status (ordered, shipped, received) and the key dates. 

  • Ability to roll jobs directly into OEW for ordering Steelcraft products online.

  • Ability to create and manage Orders Releases with the ability to select product by material type, Mark# or Manufacturer.

  • Ability to create custom Purchase Requisitions, selecting material by release, with sub-selections by hardware type, Mark# or Manufacturers.

  • Ability to track Order Release and Purchase Order Revisions by mark numbers affected.

  • Ability to auto-load Releases directly into OEW for transmission to Steelcraft.

  • Ability to create custom Shipping List for tracking shipments to the job site.

  • Carton Manager to assign & track items by individual carton

  • Ability to create & track Change Orders, by Orders, Release and mark number’s affected.

  • Ability to create & track Job Revisions

  • Job Status Monitor with ability to monitor by Order Releases and Change Orders by mark number, including all available status codes.


Distributor Data: Distributors can create and manage data that is specific to their needs and can save preferences on how PWS is to function.   

  • Company info (address, phone, etc.).

  • Company employees, users and passwords list.

  • Accounts and Contacts: Architect, End User, Contractor, Spec-writer and Hardware Spec-writers

  • Manufacturer discounts by hardware type, series, function and even special part number net pricing.. 

  • Ability to add distributor shop charges and labor rates.